Reckless Saints

Reckless Saints

The Reckless mission is to ensure no addict who wants help for their addiction should ever be turned away merely because they can’t pay for treatment.

Case Study

Every year, I like to work on a project with a non-profit organization that is working hard to help and change the community that they live in. In early 2019, I partnered with the organization The Reckless Saints of Nowhere from Pryor, OK.

Here’s more about Reckless in their own words:

The Reckless mission is to ensure no addict who wants help for their addiction should ever be turned away merely because they can’t pay for treatment. One way we fund treatment is by selling apparel.

The History + Problem

The Reckless Saints is a smaller organization, and they don’t have a large administrative staff to help with. The Saints put a lot of their money and effort into assisting others to find and access treatment. They don’t have enough hands to focus on building a quality website that matches the level of work they do on the ground.

The team funds its mission through a variety of avenues.

  • Donations
  • Working in the community and doing odd-jobs
  • Selling apparel

This last piece is a large part of the puzzle. And since it plays a crucial role in the work the Saints do, and their staff is limited, I wanted to help them as much as I could. The site they had been using was built using Wordpress. They didn’t have much control over the way it looked, and the functionality was limited for them. Along with an out-of-the-box Wordpress site, the Reckless Saints also didn’t have any logos or real visual identity.

They were doing great work and making some great looking apparel. The challenge was to get Reckless into a site that told their story, gave them an identity, and that made it easy for them to add and modify inventory.

The Solution

The first step in the process was to find a logo and a look that would work for Reckless. They have a very unique identity, and story and their logo needed to reflect that fact. Once I had something to work with, I and began crawling their site and literature. I also began conversing with Jordan (the Founder of Reckless) and the team and getting content from them as well. The best part about building with no-code tools and being a visual developer is that it really helps you focus on centering the design on the content.

Once that content was together, I jumped in to clean it all up, organize it, and then build a site map out of it. From there, I moved over to Figma to begin building out a design and wireframe based on the content available.

The key pieces that Reckless needed to communicate:

  • Their mission
  • How people can get help
  • How people can support the mission
  • Their online apparel store

Enter Webflow. I built their site using Webflow since it meant an all-in-one solution for their team. They could update their site and marketing content in the same place they were managing and fulfilling their Ecommerce orders.

Webflow Ecommerce is super powerful, and it checked every box for the Reckless team. The use of Web Payments and Apple Pay was a big plus since it reduces friction and helps increase sales. Webflow also made it easy for them to update and maintain their inventory without having to get a developer or someone more technical involved. It meant that their lean, mean, addiction fighting team could handle the work themselves and move at speed.

The other benefit of using Webflow Ecommerce is having complete and total design control over every aspect. This ensures customers get an experience that matches the rest of their site and online presence.

The Result

The end result was an eight-page site with Webflow Ecommerce that has made it much easier for the team to turn over and add new inventory with ease. They’ve also had complete and total control of their marketing content. Their sales have increased greatly, and they are helping a lot more people find the help they need.

Enjoy these images of the Reckless Saints site.

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